Whiskey, Champagne or Tea?

I just called the French lady I met in the park to make plans to meet up for du vin tomorrow. And she actually invited me to her home! When I asked her what I should bring, she said don’t bother and I have a choice of “whiskey, champagne or tea”. I, naturellement, said champagne!

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2 thoughts on “Whiskey, Champagne or Tea?

  1. […] I went… for only 2,50 euros! I actually specifically looked for it because it was what the 82 year old French lady served me when I went over for champagne. Delicious, but definitely bad for you. Share […]

  2. […] some perspective of how cool she is despite her age, before I came over she asked me if I wanted champagne or whiskey. This lady is freaking […]

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