From the Office… to the Coworking Space World

I tried out my first coworking space today at a place in the 2nd arrondissement called La Cantine (metro: Bourse). I actually heard about it from this French e-newsletter I had signed up for a while ago called Mon Petit Paris. I kind of expected this bright and airy loft-style space. It was perfectly fine, but definitely not what I expected. I basically sat at this medium-sized conference table that was off of the café section and worked away on my laptop with about three or four other French guys at the table. There was another conference table next to us that was full of people.

One of the things I was looking forward to from going to a place like this was the potential opportunity to network and just the buzz of being around people. It was more like being in a library. It was unnervingly quiet! Every time I had a call, I felt like I had to whisper and would get up from my seat to go to the café area. I just wanted to say to all of them “Look up and talk to me! I’m American. Please be my friend!”. Le sigh.

The check-in guy was super-friendly though and even let me borrow his laptop plug since I forgot to bring an adaptor for my laptop. I’ll definitely go back since it’ll be good to get out of the apartment, and I’m hoping that I’ll eventually make a connection there. We shall see!


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