Mon Petit Appartement Parisien

A little preview of the apartment we’ll be renting in Paris. C’est magnifique!

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3 thoughts on “Mon Petit Appartement Parisien

  1. […] So if there are any readers out there who are either British or live/have lived in London, please let me know your thoughts on London neighborhoods. I hear the East End is quite the trendy area now… and Rio will be working in the City of London as well as Croydon, so it’ll need to be convenient to get to those two areas. Oh, and in case it helps, here is my list of must-haves that I gave Rio when he was apartment-hunting for us in Paris (and he was able to fulfill everything in our beautiful little Parisian home): […]

  2. Ok, this is NOT a petit appartement! It goes on for days and days—and has everything a dream Parisian apartment should–moulures, parquets, chiminée, lumiere! Ouf ! Je suis jalouse big time.

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